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March 25. 2018
PP Evaluation 9-3, most call for a time  Bethesda North Hospital  Must have done a PPWork Shop or a long Line Course- call for a testing time  
Contact: Glenna Mockbee

Jan. 14, 2018
PP Evaluation 9-3, most call for a time  Bethesda North Hospital  Must have done a PPWork Shop or a long Line Course- call for a testing time  
Contact: Glenna Mockbee

Feb. 4, 2018
PP Evaluation 9-3  Bethesda North Hospital  Must have done a PPWork Shop or a long Line Course- call for a testing time  
Contact: Glenna Mockbee


Board of Directors

Glenna Mockbee, Executive Director

Glenna Mockbee

Glenna with pet partners Jonah, Gabe, Lexi,  Bandit, and Jeffie

I have been doing therapy work for 27 years, have been a Therapy Team since 2000 with Delta Society which is now Pet Partners.  Licensed Evaluator since 2004 and a Pet Partner Instructor since 2007,  the same year I founded Therapy Pets of Greater Cincinnati. I am also the group Speaker and Representative to the Community.  We started in 2004 with a handful of Therapy Teams and have grown to over 200 members since then.  In addition, I started the Therapy Dog Program at Shriners  Burn Hospital for Children in Cincinnati, and I am the head of the Ronald McDonald House Program.  I am also certified with the American Red Cross disaster Relief Team in Cincinnati. My Pet Partners are an active therapy team currently visiting Oncology, Neurology, Pediatrics, and Burn units at all the local Hospital.  For the last few years all 5 of my Therapy Pets and myself have been very active working with Children with Special Needs, we go to local schools to help in the class rooms.  Our goals are a smile, a word, a laugh, a deep breath, a hand reaching, a trust, a step forward, a sense of self-worth, a walk outside, a small change that makes a big difference.


Bob Murray, President

Bob Murray

My name is Bob Murray and I am currently your President for the Therapy Pets of Greater Cincinnati.  I have been a member of your organization for the past few years and I have enjoyed every minute.  I started with my German Shepard mix (Lexi) and I am now roaming the halls of various hospitals and schools with my little munchkin dog, Meeko. 

As a member of the Board, it is my goal to find ways to facilitate the enjoyment that we all receive while we’re working our pets.  The rewards for our efforts are as simple as the countless smiles that we receive when sharing our pets with patients (and staff) in a hospital or with children at a school.  Ours truly is a labor of love … both shared and received.

If you have any ideas that will enhance our organization or which will make your life as a pet team easier, please do not hesitate to contact me.  I’ll be more than happy to do whatever I can to help.  Thanks and take care.


Joy Fotsch, Vice President

Joy Fotsch

I have been a member of TPGC since 2009. I am an occupational therapist and my pet partner, Lucy, is a diva. I  help with the testing sessions and the volunteer luncheon. Lucy and I volunteer and mentor for TPGC at St. Elizabeth's Hospital and The Christ Hospital. Lucy and I can also be found doing presentations to boy scout troops, grade school and high schools in Northern Kentucky. I have been on the board for since 2013, first as a trustee, then following some big footsteps, when Bob Murray became President, I was asked to fulfill the rest of his term.  This is your organization, so please let me know what we can do to make this organization better for everyone. Thank you







Lisa Ackels, Treasurer

Henry and I have been involved with TPGC since October 2013 & I have been Treasurer since June 2016. I also help coordinate visits at the University of Cincinnati. After I saw the therapy dogs working when my mom was in hospice in 2003, I knew this was something I'd like to pay forward if I ever had a dog that had the skills and temperament, and Henry definitely does! I have a Social Work degree from UC, worked for years in various aspects of the medical field, last & most favorite job as a patient advocate. I have 2 children and my husband and I have 9 grandchildren between us. I am excited to be more involved with TPGC and hope to continue to see our group and the services we provide, grow. Proud to be part of such a wonderful group of handlers and animals!




Jamie Stewart, Secretary

Jamie Stewart

Jamie Stewart has been affiliated with TPGC since 2014, when she tested wit senior Golden Retriever Rescue, Maggie, whom she adopted in 2013.  They began their therapy service in schools, libraries and nursing homes.  They started a Reading With Maggie program at JF Burns Elementary school, and would come in for 2-3 hours weekly to read with the Reading Intervention Specialist's students.  While Maggie is almost 12 years old, she still has a spring in her step, loves people, and has a smile on her sweet sugar face!

Before moving back to the Cincinnati area, Jamie volunteered in many capacities with Guiding Eyes for the Blind in NY.  She was a brood foster (yellow lab, Reba, who retired and now a member of Jamie's family), weekly early socialization with pups from 1-6 weeks of age, home socialization with 2 pups between 6-8 weeks of age, Home Litter Care with a brood and her pups, from 1-6 weeks of age, and temp foster to breeding dogs on load to GEB, or those in breed evaluation.

After moving back to the area, adopting Maggie and getting certified as a therapy team, Jamie began to get more involved in helping with monthly therapy testings, and then in quarterly handler classes.  She decided that she would like to have an even more active hand last year and opted to throw her hat in the ring for election to the board, and was elected at the recent Annual Member Luncheon in May, 2016.  Therapy Pets of Greater Cincinnati is a great team to be a part of, and serves the community in many wonderful ways!


Alice Sturgeon, Trustee

Sam Gingrich, Trustee

Sam Gingrich

I spent 18 years with Kroger, where I was in charge of all advertising, donations and community affairs for the Cincinnati Division. I left Kroger to start my own ad agency, ja&g advertising. I had the agency for 16 years. I was CEO, and majority owner of the agency. Our clients included Kroger, the Reds, Xavier University, Montgomery Inn, and AAA. I have served on several boards. I currently serve on the board of Crayons to Computers, a free store for teachers. I have been on the board at C2C for 10 years, and served as chair for 3 years. My golden doodle, Brutus and I have been a therapy team for about a year and a half. We make 3 visits each week. Otterbein retirement center in Lebanon were we visit Alzheimer's patients. Berry middle school, where we visit a special needs class of kids. And, Arrow Springs Tri-Health medical center in Lebanon. I love making visits with Brutus as much as the folks we visit love to see us. It just is a wonderful fun way to brighten a day. I would be honored to serve on the board of TPGC.