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Sept. 16, 2017
PPWork Shop 9:30am-4:00pm  St Elizabeth Hospital Florence, Ky.  must register in advance  
Contact: Susan

july 23rd, 2017
Pet Partner testing must email for a time  Besthesda North Hospital  Must have gone through a work shop, or renewal- must have a time to be tested  
Contact: Susan

july 16th, 2017
work shop must email for a time  Besthesda North Hospital  must register in advance  
Contact: Susan


Does Your Pet Have What it Takes?

Are you wondering if pet therapy is really for you? Wonder if your pet would make a good therapy pet? Here are some things to think about.

You and your pet should have an interest in people and enjoy visiting.

Is it Right for Your Pet?

Begin by evaluating your pet's perssonality and answering the following questions.

If you can't say yes to all of the statements above, you will need to work on your dog's behavior. A beginning obedience class will help you with all of these things. You may need more than one class to get your dog to a level where you feel confident about his behavior.

While you are training your dog, be sure to give him lots of socialization. It's very important that your dog be stable and comfortable with many different sights, sounds people, and places.

Also consider what type of environment your pet would enjoy. For example, your pet may enjoy being in the presence of quiet, elderly people but would be uncomfortable with the boisterous activity of a juvenile facility.  Would your pet prefer snuggling with one individual or being the center of attention in a group. Thinking about these things will help you prepare for the type of facilities you would like to visit.

Prerequisites for the Pet

Animals That Can Be Therapy Pets

There are a great many species that make wonderful visiting animals and can form a strong human-animal bond. Only domesticated animals may become therapy pets. Examples of registered pets include dogs, cats, Guinea pigs, rabbits, domesticated rats, horses, goats, llamas, donkeys, potbellied pigs, cockatoos and african gray parrots.

Wild or exotic animals (e.g., snakes, ferrets, lizards) may not be therapy pets.


Prerequisites for the Person

People who do not have an animal, but who support our efforts, are always welcome to join Therapy Pets of Greater Cincinnati.


If you and your pet meet the above criteria, then you are ready to get started!