Upcoming Events

Sept. 16, 2017
PPWork Shop 9:30am-4:00pm  St Elizabeth Hospital Florence, Ky.  must register in advance  
Contact: Susan

july 23rd, 2017
Pet Partner testing must email for a time  Besthesda North Hospital  Must have gone through a work shop, or renewal- must have a time to be tested  
Contact: Susan

july 16th, 2017
work shop must email for a time  Besthesda North Hospital  must register in advance  
Contact: Susan



Jewish Family Service

Dear Glenna,

I'm writing to thank you for the four lovely volunteers that Jewish Family Service has met because of you.

Shay Allison and Isabella, and Ellen Scully and Rowdy have been visiting two of our sites since September.

I have tagged along with Ellen and Shay as they work their beautiful dogs to bring a measure of gentle contact to a nursing home and to a group home for challenged adults.

They are a pleasure to know and a joy to watch.

Thank you so much.


Patricia Rosenberg

Jewish Visiting Initiative




I just wanted to say a special thank you to you for all that you do for the patients, families and staff here at CCHMC.  You bring smiles to so many faces and we truly appreciate you volunteering your time to do so.

It has been so wonderful working with you this past year and a half.  I wish you the best of luck in all you do and a happy and healthy future.



Mary Zidron


I can't thank you enough for bringing all of the dogs to our school!  They were super!  If I didn't work full time, I would try to train my dogs (even though I have spoiled them to death...my husband says there's  no hope).