Upcoming Events

Sept. 16, 2017
PPWork Shop 9:30am-4:00pm  St Elizabeth Hospital Florence, Ky.  must register in advance  
Contact: Susan

july 23rd, 2017
Pet Partner testing must email for a time  Besthesda North Hospital  Must have gone through a work shop, or renewal- must have a time to be tested  
Contact: Susan

july 16th, 2017
work shop must email for a time  Besthesda North Hospital  must register in advance  
Contact: Susan



Learn the skills needed to visit safely with your animal in hospitals, nursing homes, classrooms, and other facilities. Successful completion of this course, in instructor-led or online format, is required for registration as a Therapy Animal team.

Topics include:

Complete the course in one of two formats offered:

1.  Attend a Workshop (without your dog)

All of our workshops are taught by experienced Therapy Animal team instructors who bring to each class many years of experience in Therapy Animal team work that is integrated into the workshop's content.

Our workshops are typically held at Bethesda North Hospital during a weekend day.

These workshops are for handlers only. No pets please.

The instructor or another group volunteer will have a registered Therapy Pet with them (the "demo dog") so that you may see an experienced team in action.

Check the Upcoming Events to your left for an upcoming Therapy Animal team Workshop, or contact us for more information..

2.  Attend a 6-Week Class (with your dog)

We periodically offer 6-week pet therapy classes.  Check the list of Upcoming Events on our website, for more information.